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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Australian Art Exibition At Nobles

THE OUTBACK: Gum Tree by Len Hend

AN art exhibition from Down Under is currently hanging on the walls on the ground floor corridor in Noble’s Hospital.
Thanks to art agency Artworkx of Mann, Australian artist Len Hend is displaying some of his bush landscapes in the island until January 30.
Len was born in Sydney in the 40s to parents of Aboriginal, Chinese and Scottish descent. His father was a bushman, a boxer and then a dancer.
He was introduced to painting by his grandfather, a scenic artist for theatres and returned to it in the 70s when he also started teaching speed painting skills.
He wrote a how-to-paint book which was transferred on to film.
His first six lessons are still available today in a new updated DVD version.
He spent 20 years roaming around Australia living in a converted school bus. While on the road, he painted thousands of landscape pictures while demonstrating his techniques and selling tutorial videos.
While mostly painting in oils or acrylics, he often resorted to using house paint on murals up to 100ft long.
He is now retired, splitting his time between Mullumbimby and Thailand, but he spends most of his time filming and refining new tutorial DVDs.
Artworkx of Mann founder Roberto Edmanson-Harrison explained: ‘Len is our newest sign-up as part of a kind of exchange programme and will be our main contact for Australian-based artists who join us.
‘He is already a YouTube hit and as part of his representation our website now includes a free art instructional area with videos by Len for art enthusiasts and aspiring artists.